We are a group of ski instructors and athletes from Susa Valley with a passion for sport.
Also this year, in July and August, we welcome all those who have the desire to ski even in summer in contact with nature and to promote a sport little known in Italy but instead it has already many followers throughout Europe.

These reasons have led us to found an association dedicated to amateur sports and skiing Grass, so we decided to open the first Regional Centre of grass skiing in Sansicario.
Three years ago the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI) asked us to play some races of grass skiing for the World Cup Competition in Sestriere. Those races have seen a fair amount of spectators. In 2011, we opened the Federal Grass Ski Center , which this year became, thanks to FISI, the Regional Center of Grass Skiing.

Last year, many Summer Camps were involved for the opening during the summer period. It was given the opportunity to experience the discipline of grass skiing to many young people.
Some ski clubs use the grass skiing as a preparation to the winter activities and a good number of people came up with a suspicious air to the sport, but then came back excited to try it again.

Last year about 70 athletes from across Europe came for mid-August to compete in three rounds of the World Cup, that meant the increasing of people and its quality. Many people came to see the competition (considering that the races were held on 12-13 -14 August) and it finally reached the deserved acknowledgement.

The participating countries were: Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, France. In 2010, Iran and Japan had also participated, but unfortunately, due to tsunami for Japan and the particular moment in its history for Iran , both countries did not participate in 2011 but this year they will be invited another time.

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