What are grassskis made of? What equipment is recommended for this sport?
The grass skiing are made with a steel framework where teflon carriages flow and held together by a tape. To wear them it is enough to have the classic boot snow ski. The necessary equipment for grass skiing is as the winter one so: > Helmet > ski stick, better if they are 5 cm longer > a dress at temperatures > for beginners it is advisable to use protection like elbow pads and knee pads.
Practising grass skiing does it help or harm the winter skiing?
Grass skiing is a great workout if done in a regular way. For an athlete who pratice alpine skiing it helps to improve balance, and to perform bends. Practicing grass skiing and skiing on glacier it allows athlete to arrive at the beginning of the winter competitive season with an advanced preparation. For those who do not ski on snow may be an opportunity to learn the technique of skiing at much lower cost compared to alpine skiing.
Where can you can enjoy grass skiing?
To practice this sport it is essential a land with slopes not too steep, preferably wavy with changes of variable slope. The ground must be prepared by checking that there is not any protruding stones or holes.The grassy lawn must be very compact and kept continuously trimmed.Any type of obstacles: trees, poles or other must be protected with mattresses and nets. The final part of the track must lead to a large flat area to allow the skier to stay safe.
Can Children enjoy grass skiing and how old they should be?
For children it is even easier by having a low center of gravity and they are not afraid, grass skiing helps the youngest to have centrality, balance and leading and you can safely start practicing this sport from the age of 4.
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